Golden Visa

Golden Visa

Golden Visa

Much has been said about the assignment of Golden Visas (Golden Visas).

But what are, in fact, these seen? What are the advantages?

  • Golden Visa

    If you are interested in obtaining a residence visa from the Golden Visa, we can give you all the necessary help in this process, ensuring the details so that the entire procedure is a success.


    Obtaining a Residence Permit in Portugal for Investment Activity (ARI):

    The current legal provisions open the possibility for foreign investors to apply for a residence permit for investment activity, to whom they have regular entry into national territory (holders of valid Schengen visas or beneficiaries of visa exemption), by means of transfers of capital , job creation or real estate purchase.


    Who can apply?

    The legislation is revoked and the investor can choose one of the following investment activities to obtain a residence permit:

    Acquisition of immovable property worth € 500,000 or more (five hundred thousand euros);


    Acquisition of immovable property, the construction of which has been completed for at least 30 years or located in an urban rehabilitation area and rehabilitation of real estate acquired, totaling € 350,000.00 or more (three hundred and fifty thousand euros);


    Transfer of capital in the amount of EUR 1 million or more;


    Creation of at least 10 jobs.

    In addition to the above mentioned changes, it is also envisaged to include investment in risk capital, cultural production activities, scientific research and positive discrimination, by reducing investment in low density and productivity territories by 20%.


    Necessary documents:

    Valid passport;

    Carrying a Schengen visa, if applicable, and regularizing the situation with the SEF within 90 days from the date of first entry into Portugal;

    Criminal record of the country of origin or the country where you have lived for more than one year;

    Declaration to authorize consultation of the Portuguese criminal record;

    Negative debt updated statement issued by the Tax and Customs Authority and by the social security;

    Declaration, under an honor commitment, by which the applicant certifies that he will fulfill the requirements of the investment activity in the national territory;

    Health insurance.

    This visa allows you to move freely and work in Europe (Shengen) without any restrictions to any investor.


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